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I was in the Seattle airport and read an article that discussed a new trend: do something then write about it. What could I do I thought? I thought I could write a song a day for awhile. So in the week I had in Oregon with my Dad, I wrote a song a day. I also kept a journal of his stories. I have combined them into one project - a CD of music combined with a book. Stay tuned here as the date for this release approaches and walk this journey with me.

Monday, October 11, 2010

And joining me in the show . . .


Let me tell you about the amazing songwriters who will be joining for the second half of my show at The Bull Run.

Jon McAuliffe is a pro with a long resume: he’s been a coffeehouse performer who has performed and associated with respected artists like Emmie Lou Harris; had a band signed to Warner Bros that opened for The Beach Boys and Patti LaBelle; was a staff writer for United Artists. He is currently working with the amazing Seth Connelley on his first collection of orginals to be released soon.

Now he can add swapping songs with JANE FALLON to this list! Jon and I will perform two of his own great songs; in addition we will each give our version of a song based on a narrative scenario that Jon was exploring. Email chit chat led us to each writing a version of this scenario. We will perform these songs back to back at the show. It is amazing how different they are!

For more on Jon go to: www.jonmcauliffe.com

Tom Smith calls himself a tried and true folkie, committed to the songs that everyone can sing. For years he crafted a career in coffeehouses and festivals singing to crowds large and small. Lately he has been turning his talented ear to writing originals that are pleasing people all over New England.

Tom will lend his meticulous finger picking pleasing tenor to two songs: an original that we will duet on and an original “swap” song. Tom and I will each share a song that we wrote for a song challenge at the Vanilla Bean in Promfret, CT. We weren’t there on the same night so have different topics, but I think you will find it interesting what two songsmiths – or one songsmith and one tomsmith “-) came up with.

See www.tomsmithmusic.com for more.

Jon Swenson was a favorite on the local scene before abandoning us and heading to Philadelphia to be near family. Striking a unique pose with his tenor guitar (only 4 strings folks) Jon sings his many original compositions in a smooth, warm voice. He has written hundreds of songs in the course of his lifetime which include both the funny and the contemplative.

Jon and I will be singing a duet on one of his great compositions and also, we will be exploring the art of parody, each sharing a song for which we have written the words, but in tried and true folk tradition, stolen the melody. Jon writes some funny stuff. The Jury is out on me, but people tend to laugh.

Mark Stepakoff is an award winning songwriter known throughout the greater Boston area and behind, especially for his humrous song. But Mark writes senstive songs as well and he and I will sing one of each for you. Listing Mark’s awards would take too long, so go to www.markstepakoff.com to read about him. All I will say is that his third CD, Some Assembly Required has 6 tracks (6!) that have received songwriting awards. Mark has been especially helpful to me in developing my songwriting. I can always count on him for intuitive and insightful, not to mention professional, comments on my songs.

My producer, Jeff Root, will also contribute a song. Jeff, a software engineer by trade, has been active in the greater Boston area recording scene since 1978. A talented multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, Jeff has recorded 12 albums, most filled with his original or co-written music. He as also produced many local artists. Jeff is responsible for my live recording on this night, but you will also hear us duet on one of his wonderfully quirky compositions. www.jeffroot.com

So after we finish up the live recording, let’s all sit back and relax and just soak up this great songwriting!

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